Camp School has a committed and hard working group of teachers, nursery nurses, teaching assistants and other support staff.


Sharon Barton (Head Teacher)
Rachel Rowe (Deputy Head)
Mary Nethersole (Assistant Head and Foundation Stage Leader)
Ruth Rose (Assistant Head and Key Stage Two Leader)


Lucy Antysz
Alida DuPlessis
Alison Holliday
Rebecca Mann
Alison Rapson
Samantha Ridge
Sarah Rowlatt
Diane Simoneau
Leanne Simmonds (SENCO)
Shabnam Sultan
Rob Wootton
Freya Browne
Helen Giffen


Shirley Albertson-Downey
Samantha Golds


Shamimara Ali (TA)
Jayne Burke Adams (Early Years Practitioner)
Mollie Cook (TA)
Barbara Cox (Gardener)
Debs Das (BTA)
Ros Davis (Breakfast/After School Club Assistant)
Dee Decent (TA/After School Club Assistant)
Anne Dunlop (TA)
Fred Goulden (Support Staff)
Taz Kadodia (MSA)
Helen Kearns (Office Manager)
Lorraine Kent (TA)
Mahmuda Khanom (MSA/Breakfast Club Assistant)
Maria Kiff (Breakfast and After School Club Leader)
Vicki Litenstone (TA)
Charlotte Manifold (Admin Assistant/Clerk to the Governors)
Caroline Milton (TA)
Mohammed Mortuza (BTA)
Peter Peck (Site Manager/TA)
Tracy Peck (Site Manager)
Rosanna Rahman (TA/Midday Supervisor)
Tina Regan (Early Years Practitioner)
Lorraine Reynolds (TA)
Andi Yoxall (TA/IT Support)
Fateha Salam (TA)
Sheila Thorpe (Family Support Worker)
Jan Walker (Resources Manager)
Saudah Wassim (BTA)
Sarah Rattee (TA)
Mersey Roberts (TA)
Jo Crichton (TA)

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